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Granny Margaret

Margaret is in her late seventies, happily married and grandmother to no less than eight grandchildren! She lives by the motto 'if you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say anything at all' (although we reckon she's always got something nice to say!)

Margaret started knitting during the Second World War and her biggest claim to fame is knitting for Grannies, Inc. (ahhhh, what a sweetie!). We think the fact she still enjoys skiing at nearly 80 years of age is a pretty big achievement!

Granny Sheila

Sheila lives in the picturesque Cotswolds with her husband of 40 years. She has a full complement of children and grandchildren (one son, one daughter, one grandson and one granddaughter) and is not even 60 yet!

She has half a century of knitting experience, which she maintains is a great way of distracting yourself from snacking (although you'll never find her binging on a Thai curry - she detests coconut and coriander!)

Granny Holly

Holly lives in the Oxfordshire countryside and has four children and two grandkids. She is also frantically knitting booties for a third grandchild due in the New Year. She started knitting as a child during the Second World War when she helped sew blankets for the war effort made from unravelled old jumpers. What a trooper!

An active granny, Holly still enjoys sailing (mainly around the Scottish Isles) and gardening. We expect she needs all that energy to keep up with her growing family!

Nita-Rose Photography

We've been lucky enough to work with the super talented Anna from Nita-Rose Photography on all the website and look book photos. Her relentless hard work and outstanding eye for a shot has been the foundation of the artwork on this website and we are proud to have her as our official Grannies, Inc. photographer.

Katie Mowat

Katie has an obvious passion for knitwear. She has drawers and drawers full of different knitted accessories in all the colours of the rainbow. She absolutely loves skiing and is always keen to make a statement on the slopes, which ultimately led to her obsession for beanies. After learning to knit during a university year abroad in California there was no stopping her, she could now create her own designs and be confident that they were true one-offs. And so the obsession spread...

Born as a 'design your own' company, Grannies, Inc. has grown from strength to strength and Katie has now branched her knitwear designs out to a whole range of different accessories to suit every taste.